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Z is for Zennor Head – we’ve done it!!

imageIt was with huge excitement, pride and a little sadness that we achieved Z on our 2014 a-z #ntfamilychallenge by visiting the stunning ZENNOR HEAD near St Ives on Dec 30th 2014. Excitement because we visited simply breathtaking scenery on a fantastic, sunny winters day. Pride because I can’t quite believe we achieved the challenge, in the time set and by visiting wonderfully diverse NT places across Wales, England & Northern Ireland. And sadness that a challenge that has inspired and motivated us, as a family, so much & provided many memories of getting out and about which will last a lifetime!

imageWe were staying in St Ives for New Year, one of our most favourite places in the UK. It’s always a great laugh at New Year when the whole town dresses up and parties, as families, on the harbour! When I started planning of the challenge in January and if and how we would be able to achieve it, with much excitement I noticed the only Z was Zennor Head – an end of 2014 stay was booked, thus giving more impetus to achieving the challenge!!

Zennor Head was stunning and I was very inspired and moved. The fact that the National Trust protects and looks after stunning coastline like Zennor Head is fantastic and ensures that the beauty of it is retained as a legacy for the future. Having taken many photos, we will remember ‘Z’ for a very, very long time.

imageSo that’s it… Challenge completed! We have had a brilliant time this year doing the challenge and have visited fantastic places. Whilst we have been going around we have been trying to agree our favourites! I’ll blog about these soon!

Now I need to decide on 2015 out and about activity!!

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