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W is for Winkworth Arboretum

imageHot on the heels of achieving V was our achievement of ‘W’ on our 2014 A-Z #ntfamilychallenge by visiting WINKWORTH ARBORETUM. Our incredible good weather fortune continued and on a beautiful crisp December Sunday we were lucky enough to visit this unique destination, the only Arboretum under the care of the National Trust, indeed it has been for over 60 years. We wanted to visit to maintain a key aim of the challenge – to vary the destinations so the letters are not all old, traditional NT houses! And Winkworth was certainly different – but we weren’t prepared for how special and beautiful it is.

imageAlways favouring a challenge, my son opted for us to follow the ‘red challenging walk’ which meant we pretty much explored all of the Arboretum on the 3.6km walk and had the pleasure of seeing all of the highlights of the Aboretum. We loved the peacefulness of the Boathouse and the beauty of the lake. We then walked through Bluebell Wood, scaling slopes and descending small winding paths to reach the magnificent lookout tower. Suitably tired and rosy cheeked, we thoroughly enjoyed our time at Winkworth and again would recommend it as a visit.

My only disappointment is that we don’t live closer to regularly visit Winkworth and enjoy all the seasons to appreciate the changing colours of over 1000 plants and trees! But we will back….

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