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V is for the Vyne

imageIt was an absolute pleasure to achieve V on the 2014 A-Z #ntchallenge by visiting the VYNE. Beautifully decorated for the festive period, the Tudor house and grounds were simply lovely. We were incredibly lucky to visit on a crisp and sunny December Saturday so were able to wander and explore the fading Autumnal colours in the garden before entering the house to view the rooms all togged up in their festive splendour.

The Vyne is certainly a house with an impressive history and notable previous occupants with pedigree. Being a self confessed Tudor obsessive, probably of most interest was the connections with Henry VIII who visited with the ill- fated Anne Boleyn as the house was built for Lord Sandys, King Henry VIII’s Lord Chamberlain. The connection was further reinforced by the interesting and comprehensive fact sheet booklets about Christmas in the Tudor period. Jane Austen is also one of my favourite authors so to learn that she had visited and been inspired by the house was pretty cool too. image

We enjoyed a browse around the well-stocked second hand book shop housed in a wing of the original Tudor facade which is incredibly still standing despite some pretty crazy shifting of the window frames. This was following the biggest surprise of the exhibition of the Vyne Ring, a beautiful hexagonal golden ring found by a local farmer and believed to have potentially inspired Tolkein in his writing of Lord of the Rings. It was really interesting and left my book-loving eldest son REALLY inspired!

We had a fantastic visit to the Vyne and is another visit on the challenge that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

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