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S is for Stourhead

imageIt was a huge pleasure to achieve S on the 2014 A-Z #ntfamilychallenge by visiting STOURHEAD for a fantastic Autumn walk on the first Sunday of a very welcome half term break. Knowing that the weather was going to be dry and bright, all 4 of us jumped in the car and headed off on a 2 hour drive.

We knew that Stourhead was lovely but we weren’t prepared for such a wonderful treat. Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year and although very busy, it wasn’t too crowded for a very enjoyable walk around the lake, the centrepiece of this world famous landscaped garden. The beauty of it, coupled with a gorgeous array of Nature’s jewelled colours of Autumn, made for a really uplifting experience!

imageThe three Temples (we particularly liked the Pantheon), the Grotto, the Palladian bridge, the Gothic Cottage, the Bristol Cross are all lovely, quirky features (and a total surprise in the case of the grotto) that add distinct beauty and interest against the gorgeous natural landscape in the many photos that we took.

After a well needed cuppa and sandwich provided by local ladies in the Hall, we had an explore of the house and learnt about Harry’s Story. The volunteers are lovely, patient and so enthusiastic.

Our visit to achieve ‘S’ was a great one – a highlight for us all on our 2014 a-z #ntfamilychallenge! We will visit again, for sure.

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