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R is for Rock Houses

image After a massively busy September and return to school season, it was a relief and pleasure to finally make more headway with the A-Z Family Challenge. R was achieved by myself and my elder son on an inset day visiting the ROCK HOUSES, part of Kinver Edge, in Stourbridge.

It was fascinating to take a glimpse into a little of what life must have been like living in these caves, hollowed out of the sandstone rocks. Since the mid 19th century, up to 14 families made 2 or 3 rooms within the rocks as their homes. Cool in the summer and cosy with a fire burning in the winter, it must have even then been a unique way of making the best use of a natural phenomenon in the midst of lovely countryside. Used mainly as homes for workers in local industry, the last of the homes were left as recently as the 1950s. image

We enjoyed a lovely hour spent exploring the site and admiring the spectacular views. A truly unique property which added real diversity to the properties visited on our challenge. Great fun!

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