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Q is for Quebec House

image On the final day of our ‘last week of the summer hols’ adventure, ‘Q’ was achieved on our A-Z challenge by visiting QUEBEC HOUSE. Leaving our lovely campsite in Kings Lynn, we embarked upon what would become another challenge for us – travelling through no less than 12 counties in one day, home to Cardiff via Quebec House in Westerham, Kent.

And yet again, a treat awaited us at Quebec House. I had no prior knowledge of the fascinating history of General James Wolfe and his leadership of the British troops in the battle of Quebec in 1759. Quebec House (named in his honour posthumously) was Wolfe’s childhood home and the National Trust have recreated the house as it would have looked during his time, coupled with an impressive collection of memorabilia of archives of him and his family and a film and exhibition to get a real sense of the man. His achievements, questionable in their intention in modern times, apparently set the tone and path for America as we know it today.

imageThe kids, being boys, loved the hands-on exhibits downstairs of the gun and militaria similar to what his troops would have used and worn. They also took each other on in cards (not for the first time in the hols!) in the lovely sunny drawing room, probably our favourite room in the house.

Another really interesting visit. We stopped for a well needed cuppa in the garden before continuing on our journey home. We really feel like we’ve made great head way on our A-Z challenge now – 17 letters achieved in 6 months – we think we’re doing really well!

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