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P is for Peckover House & Gardens

image Another day, another letter! ‘P’ has been achieved on the A-Z #ntfamilychallenge by visiting PECKOVER HOUSE & GARDENS. After a morning visit to NT Brancaster Beach for a spot of sand dune bombing (lush by the way!), we hopped over the border into Cambridgeshire and Wisbech to visit Peckover House & Gardens.

And what a lovely place! Situated on the North Brink, which must have been a fantastic street in its Georgian hey day, Peckover House was the family home to Quakers who ran a bank that has its roots in what we know as Barclays today. Now renovated by the NT to resemble its former glory as the possessions were sold in a house sale when the last family member died in the 1940′s, there is fascinating history throughout the property. As always for me, the downstairs kitchen and servants room are real delights and where you can feel the real life of the place.

image However, it’s the unexpected beauty and size of the gardens that were the real winner for us. I’m not sure what it is about a walled garden that I have always loved since a girl but Peckover holds enclosed probably the best walled garden I have ever seen and enjoyed. Intimate but impressive, stylish but natural, the gardens are the real treasure. After a great game of croquet, we had a good old explore! The kids were delighted to find further period games – quoits, noughts & crosses etc on the lower lawn that we got competitive with!

P was a great visit…

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