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H is for Hezlett House

image‘H’ achieved on our A-Z NT Family Challenge – H is for HEZLETT HOUSE!

Determined to make the most of our trip to Northern Ireland and to see as much as we could, after visiting the Giants Causeway we made the 35 minute trip along the coast to the lovely Hezlett House to complete ‘H’ on our #ntfamilychallenge.

An authentic Northern Irish house that remained until the 1960s in the ownership of the Hezlett family. It’s a fascinating glimpse into times gone by. Armed with the room descriptors and greeted by a lovely male guide, we took it in turns to read to each other and explore the rooms, one by one. It’s a property with real history, rather than some that try to recreate it – at Hezlett House it really works. How the kids squashed into the beds in their little room and the fact that adults commonly slept sitting up – the kids recognised how alien that is to our lives today! And the room with sacks for beds where the farm hands enjoyed ‘luxury’ accommodation for their jobs – amazing!image

We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent there – and a welcome ‘chill’ after scaling the heights and length of the Giants Causeway. Great stuff…

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