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G is for Giants Causeway

image ‘G’ has been achieved!! G is for the GIANTS CAUSEWAY…

With great excitement, on Wed 28 May, we made the most of half term and caught our 7.00am Easyjet flight from Bristol to Belfast to continue with the next letter on our A-Z NT Family Challenge.

When we decided to undertake the 2014 #ntfamilychallenge – the Giants Causeway was pretty much top of the list of NT destinations that we knew from the outset we were going to visit, having wanted to see it for years.
We were incredibly lucky with some gorgeous sunshine and can only describe the experience as spectacular. The Causeway truly is a magical place and we spent a wonderful couple of hours exploring the 3 areas of the Causeway and the beautiful bays surrounding the showpiece itself. The audio guides were great and really helped set the scene, especially for the kids with the tales of Finn McCool, the Giant of folklore who was believed to have created the Causeway in a bid to reach a Scottish rival. The alternative explanation of the geological creation of the basalt columns is pretty McCool too!!

We were so pleased that the Causeway lived up to our expectations! In fact, it surpassed them and is a visit that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Nature is a powerful force – the National Trust are doing a fantastic job of conserving the Causeway for future generations whilst allowing visitors a truly hands-on, fantastic experience of being able to explore it from top to bottom as we did – brilliant! image

One thing we would suggest that could improve the experience even more – a selection of lovely chill out music on the audio guide. Then you could grab a spot, zone out from everyone else around and truly absorb the beauty of the spot. A moment of reflection that will stay with you for a lifetime…

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