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F is for Fyne Court

image Today we completed ‘F’ on our 2014 A-Z Family Challenge by spending a fab few Spring Bank Holiday hours at FYNE COURT.

The rain had ceased and the boys & I were delighted to take an hour and half drive down the M5 to Fyne Court. What a wonderful place – beautiful, tranquil and full of quirky fun for the kids. Plenty of climbing on tree stumps, having a go on the wooden tubular musical extra and having a picnic on the lovely lawn.


We learnt the history of Fyne Court – how it played a vital part in early electricity experiments (Andrew Grosse) and sadly fell victim to a fire in part as a result of a candle and some curling tongs..the price of beauty!

What remains of the house is still lovely and at least provides some indication of the grandeur that once existed. And the Gardens and Woodland with the boathouse and folly largely intact provide some lovely, gentle walks. And good news, the tea shop has been reopened since 24th May so a delicious cream tea was scoffed!

What struck me most was that if we weren’t doing the A-Z Challenge this year, we may never have ventured to Fyne Court. It’s not overly well known like some of the grander NT properties or marketed that strongly but what a gem we would have missed. A great visit on our Family Challenge…


  • Howard Davies says:

    You certainly make Fyne Court sound an interesting place to visit, a real family destination. Good to follow your journey through the NT handbook!

    May 27, 2014 at 8:53 am
    • admin says:

      Thanks! We’re having a great time!

      May 30, 2014 at 6:14 pm

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