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Join the Campaign for Fresh Air!

Get Out & About - Join the Campaign for Fresh Air!

About Get Out & About…!

Get Out & About is simply that. As an average, working Mum of 2 active, sports-loving boys, we regularly get the family outdoors. We shun the Xbox, dump the remote and leave all the housework. Life is too short so get out and have fun in the fresh air – it will make you feel better. If you are already on the same ‘page’ and share my passion then hopefully you’ll find some ideas on this site. Or please do share yours with me. Together we can build a community of ‘Outdoorsies!’

In today’s crazy, technology loving world, it’s unrealistic for kids to not have the Xbox (or other similar device) as a part of their lives. And we all have to keep on top of the household chores but I maintain it’s a question of balance – if it’s a nice day, get out and about.

There are huge health benefits to be gained from being outdoors – and the more fun you make it, the better for the soul.

My memories of a being a kid, when the weather was ok or better, are of always being outdoors. I was out all day, playing with mates, making perfumes from rose petals in the garden, making up games and the odd show for our parents to endure, sorry enjoy! So rediscover your childhood and ensure your children have theirs, away from a screen. (Btw, if you’re grandparents enjoying this blog then it’s great to have you with us as well!)

This is just the beginning of ‘The Campaign for Fresh Air’. I will be regularly blogging, providing useful links, ideas and lists for those of you who feel the same as me – and want to get out and about! More than anything I want to hear your ideas on all things outdoors so come on, join the revolution!!